Do it like the Romans at Thermae Bath Spa

Do it like the Romans at Thermae Bath Spa

I’ve always enjoyed pottering around Baths little corners and streets and discovering a few hidden gems along its cobbled paths. Whether it’s for a day trip or a short getaway. Escaping real-life madness and time to re-charge those batteries, its just blissful to take some time out for a while. Don’t you think?

Tucked down a high street hidden from all of the hustle and bustle of the city centre, you can find a multi-story, temple to feeling good. In the whole of the UK, there are only three hot springs. The source of the waters remain a mystery, but everybody knows the place where they rise – the city of Bath. The water is located at the depth of 2 km where it’s heated by high-temperature rocks before rising up through one of the three springs in the city – the Cross Spring, Hetling or King’s Spring, which supplies the Roman Baths.

I’m going to take you on a little journey through the Thermae Bath Spa – heaven on earth.

Thermae has many experiences which are designed to warm you up, such as the thermal waters, warm showers and steam rooms. However, as a contrast, head over to the Ice Chamber which helps relieve those aches and pains! In the Wellness Suit, you’ll also find an infrared room and a chance to unwind amongst the swirling stars in the Celestial Relaxation room, a galaxy of your own. I also thought the Georgian-style gardens room was beautiful with its ornate fountains, windows and airy feel – bringing you peace and sleepiness.



As we go up to the very top floor. Dip your toes into the rooftop pool and watch the city wake up in the early morning sun. Can I spend every morning embracing my inner mermaid-like this, please? There is also a little jacuzzi corner so take a seat with the bubbles and relax for a while. The Twilight Package is a must – Three hours to spend bathing in warm thermal waters and see dusk fall over rooftops as the day draws in. A choice of dish from the Springs Cafe Restaurant and a glass of juice, wine, lager or water. How wonderful does that sound?



Back down we go to the bottom floor, we reach the Minerva Bath which is named after the Roman Goddess of Health and Wisdom and is the largest of the thermal baths. Indulge yourself in its whirlpool and lazy river amongst the palm trees and natural sunlight. Lay back on one of the loungers around the poolside and chill out.


The Cross Bath is an intimate, little oasis. The smaller open-air thermal bath is located just a stone’s throw away from the main building and is available for private hire for yourself or groups of up to 10 people! There are also packages that include prosecco and a tasty Cross Bath picnic. I don’t know about you, but a girl pamper day comes to mind. I fell in love with all its magical aura and beauty.

Where the Cross Bath now stands, the Celts revered their goddess Sul, in whose honour the Romans named their spa town, Aquae Sulis. The Cross Spring is now recognised as an official sacred site. As you relax in the oval Cross Bath, you can watch the natural thermal waters cascade from the spring and a specially commissioned poolside fountain. 


Thank you so much to Thermae Bath Spa for having me explore all the magic the Spa has to offer. Definitely, a must experience. When can I come back? A girl needs a day off to relax in warm thermal waters, ok?

This was a gifted experience in return for social posts and a blog review, although all opinions are my own.

Till next time,

Tay x


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