BEEFYS by Sir Ian Botham Restaurant & Bar

BEEFYS by Sir Ian Botham Restaurant & Bar

Hi there my fellow foodies.  I see you have come to see what spectacular food I will be reviewing this time? If I’m honest with you, I have gotten to visit some of the most wonderful restaurants through my work. I’m sure you’re already aware of this if you’ve been following me for a while. Its times when I sit down and prepare to write, I truly appreciate the opportunities given to me through this little blogger journey of mine.

After visiting the Ageas Bowl Spa, a little Oasis, and the Outdoor Cinema. I was already wondering when I would next be back. BEEFY by Sir Ian Botham, a restaurant I sadly hadn’t heard of before, why have I never been there? It made sense to me that it was only right to try the food too. Don’t you think?

First things first, an Aperol Spritz, please. I honestly cannot explain how chuffed it makes me see this vibrant orange cocktail on a menu. The little girl inside of me screams with excitement (seriously) Its just the perfect summer drink, or all year rounder in my case. To top that off, we were given a variety of different flavoured rolls and butter to share. Now, this may not sound very appealing to you, bread? But boy was it bliss. I and Sean have recently started our ‘Health Journey’ so you betcha we made the most of this blessing and bread had never tasted so damm good. How can I make the Salted Butter chef?

Now I’m truly one of the fussiest eaters on this planet so I was worried I would struggle to choose what to eat from an A La Carte menu. Although to my surprise I didn’t face this problem. For starters we indulged ourselves in a British Deli Sharing Board, full of Handmade scotch eggs, Lyburn cheddar shavings, Grilled asparagus, a Prawn & Crayfish cocktail and Woodalls airdried deli meats all served with handmade onion bloomer. We smashed this. Just look at those scotch eggs. It was a mixture of all sorts of yummy food which is our favourite concoction for a starter. It’s a little tease that gets those taste buds tingling preparing for the main.  If I’m honest we could have licked the board clean.


For the main, I don’t think you can beat a good old fish and chips, with mushy peas and tartar sauce, can you? It was truly one of the most delicate pieces of fish I have ever endured, I could tell it was fresh with how it melted in my mouth. The chips were chunky, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, I think we can all agree that this is the definition of the perfect chip. I was happy munching on these. Damm potato is my weakness. The portion size was extremely generous too, don’t mind me. Sean demolished a sirloin steak and I quote ‘It was the best steak I have ever eaten’ and that’s coming from someone who is very passionate about their food. You know you’ve blown it out of the water with this one guy!


Now I’m more of a starter girl than dessert, but when you’re offered a 3-course meal I suppose it would be rude to turn down jaffa cake ice cream with marshmallows and popcorn, right? Thank you to whoever came up with this bundle of joy as it was a delight. and the perfect way to end a beautiful meal.


Thank you so much to everyone at BEEFY’S for looking after us. The food was cooked to perfection, the staff were welcoming and we sure as hell will be visiting again.  You sure had two very satisfied customers leaving with a happy, full belly. Why have we not visited sooner? ‘Kicking myself’

Till next time,

Tay x

‘This was a gifted experience, although all opinions are my own’


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