An Ageas Bowl Spa Day

An Ageas Bowl Spa Day

It’s no secret that I adore a spa day. In fact, I’m quite suspicious of those who don’t. I have always found that spas provide a tranquil escape to a sanctuary of much needed ‘me time’, to recharge, detox and relax. It’s an environment that’s good for the soul and everybody should try it at least once in their lifetime.

I would like to introduce you to the Ageas Bowl Spa which is located in West End, Southampton. The grounds are used for Cricket, a Conference Centre and even hosts a variety of concerts and events. Guests are also welcome to stay at the hotel which makes it easier for those having to face a long journey home. Although I have visited the spa before, I was so eager to head back and indulge myself into a fluffy robe and allow myself to be taken on a luxurious journey, wherever it may take me. 

The spa throughout has been beautifully designed and no detail however fine has been spared. From the changing rooms, spa facilities, restaurant, and outside lounge area, all are modern and with a touch of elegance. The outside hot tub is a form of bliss in itself and is no less satisfying when its almost thirty degrees outside. I could have happily stayed in the warmth and comfort of the tub for hours until my body shrivelled up like a prune however instead I spent some time soaking up the rays to my heart’s content. As we all know its important to make the most of the sunshine in England as before we know it we’re back facing the dull, gloomy days.


I’ve had a few good massages over the years. From Deep-Tissue to Thai; I have tried them all. And what an experience some of them have been (seriously, a few have had me questioning what on earth has just happened) I tend to spend the majority of my time stressing about the simplest of things in life so when the opportunity was given for a massage, I jumped at the chance to spend 30 minutes slipping away into a trance-like state and restore my mind, body and soul. And boy I sure did that. From the personalised consultation at the beginning to the perfect hand pressure throughout. All were professional and I could feel myself becoming incredibly sleepy, my body sinking slowly into the massage couch where I could have laid for hours. That’s when you know you’ve had a great massage.

After listening to my tummy rumble a few hundred times I knew it was time for food. As if we weren’t being spoiled enough we also had a scrumptious Afternoon Tea lined up. There’s nothing better stuffing your face with a bit of cake, mini sandwiches, fresh orange juice and a couple of scones. (In the most polite, elegant way, of course, you’re at a Spa Tay) Don’t you think? My cousin Maddy who joined me on the spa trip needed a gluten-free option which I was happy to see they accounted for. The Spa restaurant in itself is beautiful too and the pictures don’t do it justice.



Belly’s full, body’s relaxed, mind refreshed. I was sad to see our day coming to an end. If only I could turn back time and experience it all again. Here’s to wishful thinking ey. I left feeling super refreshed and ready to take on whatever life was going to throw at me.

I’ve visited numerous spas around the country and this one is my most favourite. It truly is a little oasis and one that I most definitely wouldn’t hesitate to visit again and again.

Thank you so much to the team at The Ageas Bowl for taking care of us.

Tay x

*This was a gifted experience with the Ageas Bowl Spa, however, we were given 25% off our treatments*



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