A spa day at Solent Hotel

A spa day at Solent Hotel

These days, finding the time to take a break from everyday life can be challenging. So when you do, it’s important to make the most of it. Whether that’s dusting off that book you’ve had at the bottom of your bag and sinking into it for a while, or going to see that film that pretty much everybody else has seen which has resulted in you having to live under a rock for the past month to avoid spoilers. For me,  I have always found that spas provide a tranquil escape to a sanctuary of much needed ‘me time’, to recharge, detox and relax. It’s an environment that’s good for the soul and everybody should try it at least once in their lifetime.

Last week I was kindly invited to the Solent Hotel in Fareham through the Bournemouth Blogger network to enjoy a couple of hours at the Spa. When I received the invitation in my mailbox you betcha I jumped out of my seat with excitement. I was ready to melt away during my facial which was included in the visit and dip my toes into the pool.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a grape smoothie and fruit bowl. Starting the day right, don’t you think? My facial wasn’t until 12 pm so I had some time to explore the facilities and enjoy a little downtime in the relaxation room. The swimming pool area allows the natural light to beam through the conservatory windows and open ceiling which I thought was different compared to other spas I have been to. Of course, there was also a sauna and steam room to help clear skin impurities, a bubbling hot tub as well as an outside seating area.





During my facial, Caudalie products were used to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise my skin. The therapist also applied a mask. I personally have never used any Caudalie products apart from when I had a facial at The Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton earlier this year. My favourite product is the Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet which is a gel-to-water formula that melts into the skin upon contact, leaving it super smoothed, moisturised and strengthened. It’s perfect if you have sensitive skin like me and also reduces redness. This retails at a price of £23.00 for 40 ml. During the treatment, I was also spoiled with a scalp massage which almost had me nodding off. When I was younger I would badger my nan to brush through my hair, it’s just so relaxing and tingly I could have had her doing it for hours. To be honest I could do with this right now, any takers? (A scalp massage is the next best thing so I obviously wasn’t going to say no)

By this point my belly was rumbling, was it time for food yet? A girl has to eat. We had a table ready for us in the spa dining area which was beautifully set up. This area was a stone throw away from the spa which made a nice change to walking through to the other side of the hotel in our gowns like other spas. Each table had fresh water available (it’s important to stay hydrated kids) and also a view of the pool. When we were given the menu at the beginning of the day, I was apprehensive when choosing what to eat is the fussiest person on the planet. I always seem to worry about this when attending events as I don’t want to be the difficult one. Luckily, there were options available for us picky eaters. For starters, I opted for Fried Camembert which I have never tried before although I knew it was cheese and I love cheese, how could I not like it? It was super cheesy and gooey, yum. For mains, I chose the Roasted Chicken Sandwich with Bacon, Tomato (which I removed) lettuce and mayo. Boy was this filling!



Once our belly was full, we were taken into another room for a Caudalie workshop where we were shown how to cleanse and moisturise the face and eyes using the products and give a little information about each of them. We were also introduced to Caudalie‘s new suncare range which smelt amazing, actually, all of these products did! We even came away with a few of these products! Lucky girls.

After the workshop, we were given a little free time to go about the spa however we wished to unwind as the day sadly came to an end. I went home feeling regenerated and super sleepy. The Solent Spa is definitely a haven for you to relax both the mind and the body which I would recommend to anyone.

‘This was a gifted experience, although all opinions are my own’

Tay x


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