Escape to Cuba – Vegan style

Escape to Cuba – Vegan style

I think we all know by now how much of a foodie I am. I love food. Who doesn’t love food? (I say this whilst I’m currently on a diet, yep, I took the plunge and decided this year will finally be the year I get ‘summer body’ ready) Let’s see how long that lasts. Can I have a packet of crisps yet? Anyway, when a food review approaches I can’t help but jump at the opportunity. Its all about helping local businesses right? (I say this to stop myself feeling so guilty you see) But in fact, this review is different from any I have done before. Because of its a VEGAN review. Yes. Revolucion De Cuba launched their tasty vegan menu this month and wanted to take my taste buds on a new adventure and I was all for it. Slightly apprehensive at first as my current diet does involve a hell of a lot of meat, but I’m always down for experiencing something different and, you never know, this could maybe turn me to a vegan lifestyle? Continue reading and we shall see.

First things first, it was time for some Skinny Sipping. These new cocktails are detox-friendly, some low in sugar, and some low in alcohol, but all still bursting with flavour. What’s not to love? I went for the Pina Kaleida, Low sugar, Aluna Coconut rum and fresh Kale blended with coconut water, pineapple and lime, green, clean, and guaranteed to cure anything you’ve got. I’ll be honest and say its no Pina Colada if you know me well you’ll know how cocktail obsessed I am. I think for me personally it was the little bits of kale swimming around I wasn’t too sure of. I mean I can’t even drink orange juice with bits in. How fussy am I? But I will say the taste itself of the juices mixed together was super refreshing. If it wasn’t for the let’s call them, ‘bits’ I would be raving about this healthy alternative! I’m always as honest as I can be when I write. That’s what a review is all about, am I right?



Next up, mains. I think you have already gathered how much of a fussy, pain in the bum eater I am. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Oh, how I felt for Sean who was patiently starring at me from across the table awaiting my decision. In the end, I went for the Beet Burrito. A soft flour tortilla stuffed to the brim (literally) with beetroot hash, zesty rice and creamy white bean puree. Served with guacamole and tortilla chips. And, drum roll…. I enjoyed it! Boy was it filling. I couldn’t squeeze it all in. There were so many different flavours having a party in my mouth. Maybe a strange thing to say, but I actually felt, healthy, eating it? I don’t know if that will make much sense but its true. Now I’m not saying it turned me vegan, I mean, wheres the chicken? But its honestly such a great alternative if you are vegan and looking for something full of exciting flavour and will fill your belly. Plus, it’s healthy is too! I’ve been thinking of having at least one day a week without any meat in my diet, and this kind of meal may just do just the trick.



Thank you so much to Revolucion De Cuba for having me again at your funky venue. Again the staff were friendly, the vibe was exotic and exciting, and to top, it all of the food was a delight. Have you visited yet? Get down there, you’re missing out! You can take a peek their menus using the link below;

Tried it? I wanna hear your thoughts! Ps, have you read my previous review for Revolucion De Cuba? Well, you can view it here!

Till next time,

Tay x

‘Revolution De Cuba Southampton invited me along for a complimentary visit although all opinions and reviews are my own’


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