An Evening Of Pampering And Skincare at Lush

An Evening Of Pampering And Skincare at Lush

Can you remember those girly sleepovers? Staying up past your bedtime, watching films, a little bit of pampering and stuffing your face with midnight snacks. Those were the days. I miss them. A bunch of us were invited along to Lush for an evening full of face mask making, skin care consultations, and arm massages. Sounds good right? It reminded me of those days. I feel like they need to make a comeback.

I’ve always enjoyed exploring different ranges of skin care as I do (try) and look after myself. It’s always interesting to see what’s out there and what I’m missing. I’ve been a fan of Lush since I remember first hearing about it, from bath bombs and bubble bars, to body butters and jelly face masks. BUT that’s as far as I’ve got, so it was fab to learn more.


The first activity was to get our hands dirty and make face masks. The choice was either Rosy Cheeks, or Cupcake. My skin can be quite sensitive so I opted for Rosy Cheeks. A few of us gave it a go and, well, I’ll tell you it didn’t go too well, it all of a sudden became powdery and it just couldn’t be saved, oops! But we tried our best. We decided to join in with the other group to help them make cupcake and added our own vegan chocolate chips. It smelt sooooooo good. Good enough to eat.


Next it was time for one to one skin care consultations. As I said before I’ve not explored Lush skin care much so I enjoyed having a bunch of different goodies tested on my skin. We each had our own personalised palette based on our skin types. From scrubs and body bars, to cleansers and toners, there was so much to try and it was exciting.

When it comes to cleansers, I tried two. Ultrabland Cleanser and 9-5. I liked both although I would say if you’re looking for something more light and quick on the skin (maybe in the morning during the rush for work) to go for 9-5, where as Ultrabland would be better for an evening cleanse as it’s more thick and creamy I would say. However they both felt beautiful on the skin and super refreshing.

I also tried two different face masks. BB Seaweed and Catastrophe Cosmetic. I couldn’t pick my favourite between the two. Both felt extremely cooling and smooth. BB seaweed was gentle even though the Millet Flakes exfoliate at the same time. It’s also made with honey, rose petal and organic aloe vera which just sounds heavenly in itself. Catastrophic Cosmetic is packed with blueberries, (yum), calamine and chamomile, rose, and almond oils which felt like a dream on my skin. It’s also super rich in vitamins so you know it’s only going to do you good.

I was also spoilt for choice when trying eye cream, au roma water toner, angels on bare skin cleanser, vanishing cream moisturiser, and soaps.


To end the evening we all paired up to give each other a little hand and arm massage. I chose the soft coeur massage bar (which smells so yummy) and we all had the salted coconut hand scrub. It was super relaxing and Bex did a lovely job! It was a chance to unwind and de stress, which I think we all need from time to time.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that our evening at Lush was both relaxing and informative. We were each treated to a bag of goodies too which I’ll admit I’ve already dug into. Did you know that you can pop into the store at anytime for a consultation? Wether that’s for the skin, hair, body. I’ll be heading down again soon, this time for the mop on my head!

A big thank you goes out to the wonderful Lush Southampton for throwing the perfect pamper evening. This is why I miss those sleepover days.

Tay x


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