The Body Shop Summer Launches

The Body Shop Summer Launches

I’ve always tried to keep up with a strict skin care routine. An every day ritual of cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturising and so on. But sometimes, I honestly just can’t be bothered. Ha, I know that’s a very blunt way to put it, but it’s true! And I’m sure a few of you reading this feel the same way, am I right!? Sometimes you just need that little bit of inspiration from a new product and to try something new! When I received the invitation to visit The Body Shop in Chichester to take a sneak peek of their new summer launches, I couldn’t have jumped at the opportunity quick enough!

The Body Shop are aiming to become vegan friendly with all of their products, and this is something I definitely noticed at the event. One of their newest and most popular launches are the Body Yogurts. Similar to the body butters, although this time they are lightweight, fast absorbing and gel based. The Body Yogurts provide 48 hour moisture, and, wait for it, you can jump into your jeans straight after application! Each flavour smelt SO good, yummy enough to eat. Mango has always been my go-to flavour, I had to get one. The fruitiness, ahhhh, yum!

As well as the yoghurts, they have launched Hydrating face mists. We all love a face mist don’t we!? Especially when it’s warm outside, there’s nothing better than a little spritz to refresh yourself. These new products aren’t expensive either, so it’s not like they’re going to break the bank!

During the event we got a surprise from Wagamama…Yes, Wagamama! They were kind enough to bring us some food to enjoy. Now I’m a fussy eater, so I wasn’t too sure what to try, but I do love a good curry so I went for the safe option and tried one of those. It didn’t disappoint! A few of us picked up a few more pots of samples to take home too, which my mum will tell you she also enjoyed! The Body Shop Team also gave us a complimentary drink, a few chocolates and some strawberries. Spoilt weren’t we?

If you’re a fan of The Body Shop you’ll know that they are taking a stand to stop animal testing and have a petition which you can sign to help them. You can find the petition here –>

I think this is such a brilliant cause and I am all for it. At the event we were lucky to receive a goodie bag too. Amongst the bits and bobs we were given was a bandana for our pets which represents “Forever Against Animal Testing”. I couldn’t wait to go home and attempt to put it on my dog! I was quite surprised at how much he seemed to enjoy wearing it. We’re forever against animal testing, aren’t we Roods? Oh that reminds me… is it sad to create an Instagram account for your dog? Well, I did it anyway! I’m not too sure what my life has come down to but if you’re interested in seeing what my big bundle of joy gets up to, follow him on the gram at mr.roods. Hehe!

Looking after your skin, health, and general well-being is so so important i cannot stress it to you enough. We all have times where we forget to take care of our mind and bodies, but we must! And this event definitely reminded me to do so. It just, got me in the mood, yanno? It reminded me that I do love a pamper night. Movie on, Facemask on, Snacks at the ready, Sorted.

I wanted to add that I’m super thankful for the invitation again this year from The Body Shop Chichester to check out the new arrivals. I’m looking forward to the next one already! Have you tried any of the new summer launches yet? What’s your favourite?

Tay x


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