Buff Natural Body Care 

Now it’s time for a long overdue post about a new skin care brand I have discovered. BUFF body care is 100% natural, hand made and is sea inspired. I was lucky enough to be sent one of their sea salt body scrubs which is from their newest NAKED collection. I’m an absolute sucker for skin care and I am always willing to try new products so I was over the moon to receive this in the post. Scrub away!

The naked blend contains natures aphrodisiac oils that promise to leave you feeling ‘sexy‘ which I love, who doesn’t wanna feel sexy smooth!? If you aren’t a fan of strong scents then I don’t think this one is for you as it is the smell of sage, it is powerful but I’m happy with it. To me it has a slight sweet smell to it too which is heavenly. The oil leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and is perfect for helping get rid of those pesky flakey dead skin cells. As summer is here I’ll be using it more often to keep my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The oil tends to separate the scrub as the top layer tends to get quite runny so I just pop mine in the fridge and I’m ready to go.

What I also love about this brand apart from it being completely natural is how BUFF donate 2% of their profits to MCSUK, and only test their products on happy humans!!! Have you tried any of Buffs body scrubs? They like to encourage you to re use your pots once they are empty and if you send them a picture of how you use them you can be featured on their website! They’ll then choose someone to send a free 60ml pot! How cool? I thought I should mention Buff provide 5 different body scrubs to suit everybody and all kinds of lifestyles. ‘UP, BODY, NAKED, NUIT and MAMA.

If you fancy purchasing any products from buff body care you can use the code ‘2U4X7FJWQUNZ‘ for FREE standard delivery and 15% discount. Let me know if you grab yourself anything, I cannot wait to get my hands on more!

Tay x


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