Sonic Chic Urban

Sonic Chic Urban

This is something that we all use everyday. I’ve always tried my best to look after my oral hygiene. All of us want a lovely smile, fresh breath, and not have to go through those horrible dental treatments. Me however, my luck turned for the worst. I’ve always been absolutely petrified of the thought of going to the dentist let alone going, even if it’s just for a check up. I will openly admit I must have put it off for more than 5 years…(terrible, I know) I’m just such a wimp. This all suddenly changed as I started to suffer the most awful toothache which we all know has to be one of the worst pains… cut the story short I had no choice but to go to a dentist. I had no idea what was wrong, but when you hear the words ‘root cannel’ you know it’s not good. I’ve luckily had my treatment now and got it over with, it was honestly not pain full at all, I don’t know why I was so worried about it, yes I could feel vibrations of the drill and the sounds are enough to make you scared but if you trust your dentist you’ll be absolutely fine. I managed to get through it being the biggest cry baby, so anyone can! 

I was recommended to use an electric toothbrush from now on and I was lucky enough to receive one from Sonic Chic. They’re compact toothbrushes are perfect for travelling or popping it in your bag.


The Sonic Chic is a light travel friendly toothbrush. It comes in 12 super funky designs which makes it fun and a great little addition in any travel bag. Not like those boring ordinary brushes! I very much prefer this. It’s also powered by batteries which means you don’t need to worry about remembering a charger which is always a bonus. I love how it’s got a hygiene cap too. 

I loved the packaging for this product. It was a lovely design and just adds a little more excitement to it. It includes the toothbrush, replacement head, battery and instructions. It also gives an amazing 22,000 strokes per minute which I think is pretty damm impressive. It is super easy to use, just simply apply your toothpaste, gently press the power button to turn it on, you’re ready to go! Make sure to rinse any remaining toothpaste from the head before popping the cap back on. Each brush head lasts for around 10-12 weeks. To replace it just twist the old head off and pop on a new one, simple! 

I am extremely happy with this Sonic Chic product and I’m very grateful to have been sent one to try. They’ve really nailed it on the head when it comes to the packaging, design and the way it generally operates. It gives a gentle thorough clean and is easy to rinse. I think it’s great how travel friendly it is and I will definitely be carrying it around in my bag with me. If from reading this you’re interested, you can find these products in Boots, Amazon and Argos. 

” This is a PR sample although all reviews and thoughts are my own. ”

Tay x


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