My First Blogger Event With Smashbox – Brighton

My First Blogger Event With Smashbox – Brighton

Hello hello! How are we all? Bit of a different blog this time, I will be talking about my first ever bloggers event that I was invited to by Smashbox in Brighton. They were also joined by their sister Bumble and Bumble. I was super excited to attend and didn’t really know what I was expecting. It was honestly so out of my comfort zone to speak to different people who I had never met about my blog, but I loved it. It was so much fun to play with their products, meet new people, take selfies, and have a few nibbles and drinks! I’m so proud of myself for stepping out there and trying all of these oppertunies. It’s made me realise why I love doing this and need to dedicate my time to writing more. BUT anyway! I wanted to share with you a few of the goodies I had the chance to play with at the event! (Plus what was in my goodie bag!)

 Gotta love a highlighter right? You need to check this pallet out. It’s one of Smashbox’s spotlight pallets in pearl for £26.00. I love each of these three different colours. I think these would suit multiple skin tones, although there is a gold pallet too. I honestly had never seen any Smashbox highlighter pallets before, but I’m so happy I got to play with this – get ready for glow.

Next is the Smashbox liquid lipsticks. (I obviously wasn’t focusing on having them round the right way for a picture, oops! I was just having too much fun) I love them. There’s a colour to suit everybody, ranging from pretty pinks, nudes, to bright oranges and dark reds. I had my eye on a certain lipstick called Chill Zone. I annoyingly only got a Snapchat picture of the lipstick, yet again I was too carried away and forgot!

I will just add in a picture from the smashbox website, this actually shows off how lovely the colour is more too. I wasn’t to sure if the colour would suit me as I think it would go well with a darker skin tone, but I tried it on anyway! And I still loved it.

Who doesn’t love a selfie booth!??? We had so much fun with this. I so wish I had one of those light rings!!!!!! Hopefully you can see that I’m wearing the chill zone lipstick. I love it and was tempted to buy it.

As a thank you for attending the event, we all got given a goodie bag, eee! Oh how that makes me happy. I’ll add in a few pictures below of what was in mine, can’t wait to try them and let you all know what I think!

I’m super excited to try them all, I’ve also never used any Bumble and Bumble hair products so that’s new for me too! I think a girl pamper night is needed. Deffo.

I hope you liked giving this a read. I will definitely be going to the next event in May for sure, especially as it involves matalic lipsticks!! ee! I will most likely be giving reviews of these products on my Instagram, so if you would like to find out what I think, head over to – and keep an eye out!

Take care,

Tay x


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