A well needed break

A well needed break

Well hello….. I’m back 🖤

I decided to take a break from blogging, and what a long break that ended up being! I needed some time to sort out some things in my personal life, and I’m happy to say I have done that, and I am ready more than ever to get back into the blogging world again.

This post is going to be short and simple, I just wanted to give you all the heads up of upcoming events happening in my life and what I have been up to whilst I’ve been away.

Christmas time was lovely, and my most favourite time of the year. Spending it with the family makes it special. Of course I went ice skating!!!  Me and Sean had our first trip away together, just us, to Budapest, we both had the most amazing time and I will soon be writing a blog about our mini adventure. Billy Elliot at the Mayflower was amazing, (I should also mention it was eventful going with a sprained ankle, although the sweetest gentlemen who worked there helped me get to my seat) I also attended a meeting about become a dance assistant instructor, but I won’t be giving too much away!! I am now a consultant for the body shop at home, I’m so excited to organise my first party – Pampering, nibbles, drinks, pyjamas, what more could a girl want! I have also decided to jump back on board with NuSkin, and distribute for them. For such a long time I was worried about what other people would think, but quite bluntly I’m now not bothered what others think. I think it’s important to work towards your goals in life. And to just be happy. Forget about the negativity, embrace the independent, strong people we all are.

I told you this blog would be short and simple… I will be back very very soon for my next post, so keep an eye out….

Thank you lovelies
Tay x


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