Daniel Galvin Salon – Model Hair Day

Daniel Galvin Salon – Model Hair Day

My months of waiting for my hair to be fixed was finally here….

 I wanted to write about what i got up to on the 9th June last week. Libby, a friend from school has been training for 3 years at David Galvin in London, last week was her exam week and I was a hair model. I was more than happy to be a model for the day as my hair needed some serious TLC as its been in such bad condition for longer than I can remember.

I was being a model for hair colour correction, which was perfect for me as I needed it! I struggle to look after my hair due to it being so long, and due to the amount of box dies i have used, it had just completely ruined my hair. It wasn’t even one colour, it was a mixture of brown, red, and lightish blonde/brown on the ends. What a nightmare. I was so looking forward to being pampered for a few hours and I couldn’t wait for the end result.

Below on the left is the before picture… And on the right is after, what a difference!

My hair is in such better condition. I love how chocolate my hair is now. Libby also arranged for my hair to be cut and blow dried which I wasn’t expecting but now my hair is all one length instead of all over the place. I’m sooooooo happy with the outcome and thank fully Libby passed her apprenticeship so all of her hard work has paid off 😊

I’ll attach a few more pictures below..

Shampoo & conditioner used – Divines love shampoo & conditioner (purple)

I know this blog post was super short, but as I hadn’t posted in a while, I thought I would share with you something I had gotten up to!
Tay x


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