After being super busy and also having no internet for a while, its time for a new blog! This time i will be writing in two sections…The first section i will be talking about my favourite purchases in May, the second section will be a review for a skincare package i was sent from a lovely lady called Ruth who is a beauty consultant for Arbonne, so please feel free to skip section 1 if you want to!

May Favourites.


New look Jar –> If you’re anything like me and have an obsession with cutesy jars and trinket boxes ect then i definitely recommend adding this one to your collection. I got this fr £8 in New look not so long ago, i got the inspiration from a you-tubers make up storage video and came across this which is very similar. I thought it would be great for my make up brushes to sit in on my white dressing table. I love the golden color and i thought the brown thick string around it gave it a unique/vintage kind of look. Its perfect size for my brushes as i don’t have many so they can all sit comfy inside. Its very affordable too which is also a plus!

Batiste dry shampoo, cherry –> This stuff!!! I’m one of those girls who has to wash there hair almost every other day as it just seems to always get so greasy so easily and so quickly!? I don’t even know why, I always give it a good wash but 1-2 days later BAM it’s greasy again. As my hair is so long in all honestly I sometimes just can’t be bothered to wash it nearly all the time, it takes forever and I just don’t have the time to do it. I would wash my hair, get out the shower, dry it for what feels like forever, for it to turn out super frizzy, and then start to become greasy the next day.I would get so frustrated because I would have to choose either going out with gross looking hair, or be late for my plans and deal with frizzy hair? Until I came across this magical stuff! It’s very affordable and you can purchase it from any drug store. They offer a variety of different flavors and I went for cherry. I find that once I’ve sprayed it on and rubbed it all in it doesn’t leave a lasting white color either from the shampoo and my hair automatically feels 100x cleaner.

Benefit moisturizing prep & moisturizer –> For Christmas as a present I received a skin care set from benefit, but I thought I would include it in with my may favourites as I just love it too much. On the left there is a Moisturizing prep lotion, (as you can see it’s almost all gone as I have used it so much) I apply this before the moisturizer. I have quite dry skin so I find this lotion perfect for my skin and even though the texture is quite oily once you have applied it onto the skin it’s super smooth and makes my skin glow if anything. Then we have the benefit Total moisture facial cream, by far my favorite moisturizer I have used so far!! Although it’s such a tiny pot it goes a long way, I don’t need to use much on my face too. I absolutely love this stuff as it makes my skin feel crazy soft and is a great base for make up. I’m a huge fan of skin care and will definitely be restocking on these products soon.

Salts and soaps storage box –> This storage box I purchased from the range has got to be my most recent item I have bought. I needed a new box to place all my loose skin care products and hair masks ect and thought this was perfect. It matches my bedroom too and I thought the ‘Salts & Soaps’ was super cool. It’s a really great size and for £12 I thought it was well worth it!

Garnier cleansing water –> Considering I don’t wear a lot of make up, when I do wear it and need to take it off, I have tried a numerous amounts of facial wipes and cleansers ect, but this is just lovely! I purchased the ‘On the go’ size as I knew I wouldn’t need the bigger size due to not having lots of make up on my face. This product works for the face, eyes and the lips. It’s soooooo smooth and gentle on the face, I find a lot of make up removers are quite harsh on the skin, but certainly not this one! I only need a little dab of the liquid on a cotton pad as so little goes so far with this cleansing water, it’s great for making sure you have a super clean face before bed and I find it really refreshes the skin too. Plus I can take the little bottle with me wherever I go!

Arbonne skin care review.

As some of you may know i recently collaborated with a beauty/skin care consultant for Arbonne. I was sent a package of products to try out on the skin. One was from the ‘Calm’ range, and the other was from the ‘Clear future’ range which is more suitable for younger skin. I wanted to give an honest review of how i got on with trying each set, I have been using the products for around two weeks as i thought it was best to use the ranges separately.

For the first week i used the ‘Calm’ range products, it came with 4 different sample tubes. I really liked how on the inside AND the outside of the packaging it gave detailed instructions and information on what product to use first to last and also how to use them….

  1. Gentle daily cleanser – This preps the skin and also removes any lasting dirt or make up that is on the face. Making it feel super clean and fresh.
  2. Facial serum – Retains moisture and gives a smoot texture, this is excellent for me due to having dry skin.
  3. Gentle daily moisturiser – ‘Gentle’ really is the perfect word for this product. After battling through different harsh products that burn my skin this moisturiser is so delicate and light, causing my skin to feel like a baby’s bum! The moisturiser is a rich blend of emollients along with plant based antioxidants. Together, they work beautifully and gently to soften and replenish normal to dry or sensative skin.
  4. Eye gel – I’ve never actually used eye gel so I didn’t know what to expect, and I’ve never suffered with dark circles although the eye gel is also gentle and not too harsh on the skin beneath the eyes. 

I really like this skin care set, I’ve always had really sensitive skin, I would try all different products from moisturisers, toners, body lotions ect, when most of them would cause my skin to turn red or even cause a burning sensation. But once I had applied each of these 4 lotions, not one of them would make my skin feel uncomfortable or cause any pain which is amazing! The sample tubes do seem small but believe it or not the product goes along way! I used them each for a week and I’ve still got plenty left still to use now. As I have said these four lotions are very gentle on the skin and I would really recommend them. They made my face feel smooth and silk at the same time. After using the products in the evening when I woke up my skin felt calmer and replenished. I find there are certain products that make the skin feel greasy and TOO shiny however Arbonne really have hit the spot with perfect balanced products! 

Clear future’ range –> I am still in the process of using this range but I would still like to write about it. This set is more focusing on sorting out your blemishes and imperfections. I have never seemed to suffer with bad skin, I do get the typical odd spot every now and then or if it’s ‘the time of the month’ but apart from that it’s not too bad. Since using these products I have found it has still prevented me from getting any spots or hard blemishes. When applying I felt like it was cleaning out all the grime and dirt out of my skin. My pores were smaller in the morning after using the product and my skin felt calmer. I cannot wait to carry on with this product and I do recommend it to all skin types! 

If you would like to get your hands on these products, I will leave Ruth’s contact details below… 


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope it wasn’t too long! Please let me know what else you want to see me writing about, I hope to be posting more often! You can find me on Twitter, 



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