Eforea Spa – Hilton

Eforea Spa – Hilton

On Thursday 5th May it was my lovely mums birthday. My Nan treated the three of us to a spa day at the Eforea Spa which is at the Hilton, (Ageas bowl) for the day. The spa deal included 1 half hour treatment and an afternoon tea. Posh ey?! Me, my Mum and my nan are addicted  to spa days, we’ve been to quite a few over the past couple of years, although this spa is definitely one of my new favorites. I wanted to write a small blog post about what we get up to and include some pictures of how beautiful the spa was!!!! And of course the food.

I’ve always found visiting a Spa whether its only for a day or even more to be very therapeutic. When i’m there i never seem to worry or let my mind wonder about something going on back home and i actually take some time out and focus on me.

Flips flps

I wanted to wear something comfortable as the whole idea of a Spa day is to be relaxed. So i chucked on my flip flops and my jazzy baggy trousers with a plain black top and i was ready to go. This must have been the first time in ages since i have worn flip flips, I can never normally wear them as my toes start to hurt but these ones from Monsoon I find fine 🙂

Treatment room

We arrived at the spa at 9:30 after entering the site the completely wrong way which isn’t a surprise coming from us but our treatments were booked at 10 so we had plenty of time to take a look around the spa and get ready without rushing. We got given complimentary robes and slippers to walk around in too. I chose to have the mini facial as my skin could have done with a nice treatment as its been pretty dry lately.


Relaxation room

The relaxation room –> Usually most spas will have a relaxation room somewhere which is a peaceful and calm place to go and rest. Normally people spend there time in there after they had there treatmeant. This one was pretty cute as we had our own little booth to lay in. I loved the colours of all of the furniture and the lights were so pretty and even though they were dark it gave a nice atmosphere.

After our treatments we hit the out side hot tub for about an hour… We were soooooooo lucky with the weather as it was so warm, obviously this called for some selfies. Because we were so lucky with the weather we were able to spend quite some time outside on the roof. Should have brought my sunglasses!



I felt so posh when this came out.. I’m not a huge fan of cakes and scones ect but i must say I did enjoy it and it filled me up pretty quickly. A bonus was that there were strawberries. The main thing was that my mum was enjoying her day and i’m pretty sure she was! Also we got to sit and eat in our dressing gowns, we didn’t have to get changed 🙂


Elemis stand –> By the check in area there is a section of Elemis skincare. Me and my mum are a lover of Elemis as there skincare range is amazing so obviously we couldn’t help but try a few of there samples on show. There moisturizer is so delicate and soft on the skin. It makes my skin feel so fresh and soft, like a baby’s bum!!

To sum it up we had a lovely day, we even spent some time sunbathing on the roof, it felt like we were on holiday. I wasn’t able to take any photos of the steam rooms ect but we did spend some time in them too. I can never normally stay sat in them for very long as i get claustrophobic but there was one where it smelt like lemons or some kind of fruit which i liked. I will definitely be travelling back there again one day for sure and i really do recommend paying a visit, its so worth it and a great deal for money.  I always find that after spending time at a spa i always leave extremely sleepy and could do with a huge nap.

I’ll add below a few more pictures from the day…

PoolHilton picFireMirror selfieDressing gowns

To book yourself a spa day/weekend go here —> http://www.ageasbowl.com/hotel-golf-and-spa/eforea-spa/

My next blog post will be linked with my mums birthday – We took a trip to London and got up to some exciting things there too 🙂

Tay x


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