Emmyeverafter – Therapeutic crafts

Emmyeverafter – Therapeutic crafts

Someone once told me that you needed four things to be happy: a good diet, drinking plenty of water, a form of exercise and a hobby. And I am here to talk to you about the last one. Having a hobby or something to do that you are interested in can really help brighten your spirits when you are having a down day. This can be something obvious like reading or baking, and for some lucky people out there who actually enjoy exercise, they can count that as their hobby! But I found that trying new sorts of crafts can be something that really helps me feel better. I understand that happiness is not such an easy equation as I make out, but small steps can really help.

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It started off with Decopatch, a craft that involves sticking ripped up pieces of paper on a cardboard shape. It creates a patchwork kind of effect and can be really beautiful. I am so comfortable with this that it has become second nature to me. But now I find that I enjoy venturing out and trying new things that in the past I would have avoided. Like calligraphy. The photo included was my first try of calligraphy and I am useless, I am yet to try it again but I hope to soon as it is something I want to get better at.

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The process of doing crafts is therapeutic because the repetitive nature of it can sooth the mind. Also the idea of perseverance when things go wrong and the pride when things go right really help you to grow and adapt as a person. When Taylor first discussed with me the idea of doing a blog about mental health and the issues people suffering have to put up with I wanted to get this point across. A simple change to your outlook can really help you and I, like many others, found that through doing crafts.

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I also want to point out that if you are a friend of someone who is suffering from a mental health issue then taking up crafts together can be a great bonding time for you both. If you are a person who struggles with finding the right words to say to someone when they are upset, then this could be your answer. I first saw these boxes when I was researching present ideas and thought they would be perfect to show people how much you really care.

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Get a cardboard box (like a shoe box) and cover it with some paper that you know the other person would like, or if you have a theme try and decorate it like that. You then fill the box with a mixture of handmade and bought gifts. You can include things like relaxing teas, shower gels, bath bombs, colouring books, chocolates. Or stupid novelty gifts like fake moustaches and little games for them to play. Or like the cinema boxes above a few films, some sweets, some popcorn and a drink. The idea is it’s meant to be a hug in a box that you give your friends, with a sentiment that is more than words. If you find the idea of making your own box too daunting, you can send one via the Buddybox website. http://blurtitout.org/buddybox/

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I hope that some of these ideas can help people, and open your eyes to the world of crafts! And thank you to Taylor for letting me be a guest writer on her blog! She’s a star! 🙂


I hope you enjoyed reading Emily’s piece just as much as i did, shes a brilliant writer and I wanted to give her the chance to shine on my blog. You can find her lovely blog below….

https://emmyeverafter.wordpress.com/ –> I hope to have Emily taking over my blog some time again soon!!!!

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