‘What a lovely pair of….’

‘What a lovely pair of….’

‘Boobalina’….Seriously, mum?

Still to this day my mum has various nicknames for me, typically involving boobs.

I wont lie and say i absolutely love having larger sized boobs, they’re heavy, they can be painful, nothing fits, they’re definitely MORE expensive!!! and they’re just dam annoying. But they’re a part of me, so i will have to accept them.



So obviously I grew up flat chested, until I got to year 6 and BOOM these melons appeared and I was like……. What????? When you’re only 10 this can be a very confusing and scary experience, it definitely was for me.




I personally blame my mum and nan for getting me into this situation, like sometimes i think…

What did I do to deserve this?


And when you’re ten everybody has pancakes, and they’re able to wear cute cami tops and boob tubes and you’re just there in a knitted sweater. Even now i still have this problem, i cant remember the last time i felt comfortable in a bikini and didn’t spend half my wages on a bra. I still doubt wearing vest tops and small strapped dresses because…..

My bra straps were as thick as a seat belt…


I feel like they attracted more attention than i wanted when growing up, i didn’t want people staring. It knocked my confidence soooooooo much and i would get into such a state, I still can find it so frustrating when bra shopping and have even been close to having a full on melt down in the middle of the shop as i cant ever find my size, and even if i do find my size they look like something a granny would wear.

Here are some common issues we have…

  • It’s impossible to find cute bras that fit. All the lacy bras Victoria’s Secret models wear? Look away — because YOU get a giant grandma support bra with two-inch-wide beige straps.
  • No bathing suits fit. Ever. Not one pieces, not two pieces.
  • Your back hurts. 
  • Everyday exercises are basically not possible. There is thismuch space between my boobs and the floor during a push-up. And its just too much of an effort with these huge lumps attached to you.
  • You automatically look sexual in everything you wear. Your average laced leotard and v – neck dress  looks cute and casual on medium- and small-busted girls but inevitably makes you look like a slut.
  • You have to wear more than one sports bra if you’re going to attempt to work out.Sometimes two, sometimes — UGH.
  • The dreaded ‘side boob’ I say no more..
  • You cant wear anything backless. Yep. Say goodbye to the dream of wearing those beautiful dresses
  • PAIN. Even with the simplest things like running up the stairs. Its just too much.


jennifer lawrence the hunger games boys pain screaming


I must say it was a very difficult time growing up, especially when my friends didn’t seem to be going through the same as me. Since getting older I have learnt to just be proud of what you do have, because i am pretty sure there are girls out there who don’t have any, and wish that they did!!!! Like the saying ‘Flaunt what your mumma gave ya’ So love them will ya!

I have met so many ladies who are in my exact same shoes and it gives me more comfort to know that I am not alone….Many people spend thousands on there breasts and i guess i have them for free..

You have to choose whether to look at something as an perfection or an imperfection. In order to really love yourself as a person you have to accept what you have, those ‘wobbly bits’ make you, you. 


Till next time,

Tay x



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