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Everybody deserves to treat them selves every now and again, right?

I have been LOVING newlook fashion lately.  I have had a West Quay town trip a couple of times within the past few weeks to meet friends for lunch… and obviously a spot of shopping. I thought I would share a few items I have recently purchased from Newlook.

I also bought a pair of high waisted skinny, black jeans which I silly enough forgot to add in the photo. The usual jeans I wear are from Top shop, however I wanted a change this time.

The first item I am going to show you is this black rucksack. I’ve been thinking of owning a rucksack for quite sometime now, but wasn’t too sure whether I should get one, but I decided to try it out seeing as the weather is changing now…. I’m a little curious as to what I should wear with it… So it would be great if you guys could help me out! I love how its not too big, but not too small. Perfect size. It was £19.99 which I thought was a suitable price. And I cant wait to use it!!!

single rucksack laying downrucksack standing uprucksack behing




Do I need to say any more? I am star eyed crazy about shoes, especially black shoes!!! These I bought about a week ago. They are black, suade, criss cross boots. Super comfy. I seemed to have chucked away the price tag, although I think they were around the £20-£25 mark. Newlook are spot on when it comes to shoes, they have such a huge range of different styles and colours, you cant go wrong.

You can pair these shoes with jeans, a midi dress, or skirts, almost anything. I have worn these once so far, I wore my black Topshop high wasted jeans, a beige top from Primark, and my black suede bomber jacket from Newlook.


Lastly we have these super cute pink and grey ‘ballerina socks’. I love these kind of socks as they are so comfy to wear, and would be perfect for my new black shoes as they allow the top base of your foot to show. I normally find these in primark, however they only offer beige and black I believe…. I got these ballerina socks for £2.50, I am in love with them!! The colours are adorable too.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the items I have recently been treating myself to, I know it was only a few items but I am aiming to do more of these blogs in the future. I have some EXCITING new things coming up, including promoting for two clothing lines on instagram, ‘Dress Stress’ & ‘Officialchimpco’

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