Mothers day

Mothers day

So…as we all know, Sunday 6th March was Mothers day. Today I wanted to make my mum feel special and show her how grateful I am to have her. For the past couple of years, mothers day morning hasn’t exactly been what we had hoped for due to another particular person (Long story) But this year, it was slightly better…

Mothers day 1

As shown in the featured image, I bought my mum a few gifts. I have a thing for giant cards, what’s better than a giant card!!!! Can always rely on ASDA for these, my favourite part is in the inside of the card due to the cute teddy bear. I also got my mum a bottle of Procesecco, her favourite, and some Truffles Chocolate from Cadnam Garden Centre. This year I didn’t fancy being the same and getting her just a bunch of normal flowers, but something different. That’s when I saw the heart shaped bunch, (I’m not actually sure what type of flowers there are if anybody could help???) I wanted to keep them myself! These were also bought at Cadnam Garden Centre.

What I wore…

Mothers day - What i wore

I know the picture isn’t a full body portrait and is in black and white, but i will explain my outfit of the day as well as I can for you.

Top; This is a plain black, long sleeved leotard, you can get these from a variety of different places. I think mine is from Primark, for only a couple of pound.

Trousers; These are high wasted, hippy pants, as i describe them. They are in the colour khaki, and are ankle length. Comfy, stretchy around the waist. They are from Newlook, for £14.99.

Shoes; I know  my shoes aren’t in the picture, but i paired the outfit with a pair of black suede heeled boots. I have had these for a while although i think they are from Topshop for around £20 or so.


I also wanted to get my nan a little something, she does so much for me, she’s like my second mum, always there when I need somebody to talk to, and always there for company. I got her this….

Mothers day - Frog.jpg

Don’t you just love it!!!! Froggy. My nan loves to take care of her garden, she has all kinds of unusual objects scattered around. So I knew she would love this. Once the original flowers die you can replace then with new ones, and so on… My mum also got my nan a snail one too!




Before we headed on out, we decided to take a couple of nice selfies in the car, mum insisted we wore our sunglasses. I think in these pictures its easy to see how alike we are?????


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And now we have these lovely pictures. I actually got mum to pull over just to take these photos on snap chat!! Cannot get enough of these effects, especially the face swap. Taking these had us in stitches for about 10 minutes!

Mothers day - Roast.jpg

We met up with some of the family at the Malthouse Inn for a Carvery, my favourite. Can you see much chicken got put on my plate?! Can honestly say i ate every single bit of my dinner, I shouldn’t have but everybody got dessert which lead me to having cheesecake. All the left overs at the table obviously went home for the dog.

And lastly, just a few more pictures of the day…


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